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Artwear- Convertible Wrapped Halter top & Contoured Waist Apron

Beyond Schematics-How to Build Better Patterns & Templates that fit and flatter for "As templates And/or canvases Wearable Art Products

Our Artwear series are consumer focused 2D Template Design for 3D Fashion Toys and accessory for Creatives, Makers, Artist and Artisan, This Intro session introduces some core elements necessary to produce garments for consumers and is a prerequisite to other garment production workshops!

Next Workshop starts from JULY 19Th
By July 18th You will be receive the latest version of our workshop materials
19-26th workshops labs and live sessions
August 8th Live Product preview...

What's involved..

  • A week long Product Building Intensive!- attend live or  watch the video recap 7-9 est
  • Convertible - Wrapped Halter Top - Building value with design- This is the ultimate Summer essential! This top can be worn several ways. it can also be design into many different Garment options!
  • Learn to measure & create a contoured Bikini Style Bra cup!
    • how to measure & size
    • Options for convert our pattern into the template/s you need
    • How to extending one pattern to different styles for maximum sale!
    • How to Finish edges
  • Contoured "Waist Apron"-
    • an intro to darts for shaping...
    • how to add lining
    • adding "functionality" - pocket/zips

This is a product design workshop for

  • Textile Constructor- Those who build out the fabric weave, crochet knit, quilt, piece etc
  • artist wishing to explore - Surface   & Embellishment using their art, craft or skill for direct to garment arts coverage and decorate the surface of the fabric.

What We Mean by "Fit"

This is why we believe there is need within a local artisan markets for Lingerie, Dancewear, swimwear, summer wear, evening wear...

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  • Convertible - Wrapped Halter Top -  Building value with design...
  • Contoured "Waist Apron"-

Wearable Canvases

These Product Development sessions are designed to help creatives whether Hobbyist or Indie Artisan create better fitted wearable art! Templates patterns or Schematics are used as a starting point to building you own unique product canvas!  Use as a Canvas for your-

    • Textile development
    • Surface art
    • Embellishment

Great for many techniques including but not limited to 

Airbrushing, Applique, Batik, Beading & Embellishing, Cutwork, Crochet, Devoré, Drawn Threadwork, Embossing, Knitting, Digital Printing, Discharge and Color Removal, Embroidery, Fabric Manipulation, Fabric Painting, Lace, Heat Transferring, Huck Embroidery aka (Huck weaving, Huckaback darning, Swedish weaving) Macrame, Marbling, Natural Dyeing, Piecing, Quilting, Sashiko, Screen Printing, Silk Painting, Stamping, Stenciling, Sun Painting, Tie-Dye, Tub Dyeing, Upcycling & De-stashing, Weaving, Stenciling, Sublimation, Shibori etc

Download our one size fits most Pattern/Template and get going!
No printer?
No worries we've included easy to follow schematics
This is a Digital Download and Online workshop/Studio Lab

This is intensive Intro on:

  • How to source Inspirations for your products.
  • How to measure.
  • How to size.
  • How to alter and customize the shape- (schematics-template-pattern).
  • How to design the surface and fill your wearable canvas.
  • How to make adjustments to fit your body.
  • How to accommodate Padding in halter and pocket on waist belt
  • How to Package.
  • How to price for Profit and Positioning.
  • How to find customers offline and online.
  • How to extend as a product offering past the summer!

For The Surface Designer/Artist

  • Simple easy sewing construction methods.
  • How to find and partner with seasoned sewers.
  • POD Options.

For The Textile Designer/Hobbyist

  • How to check gauge for Knit & Crochet…
  • How to adjust your stitch count for a better fit!
  • How to care for your garments.


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