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Najwa in Zen

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"Najwa" - Is your basic sleeveless tank available in 8 colors and a rainbow-striped combination of all those colors! Wear anytime with a simple skirt or pants, dress up or down. Reverse for a higher neckline option! Packs easily!

"Zen"- reflect the power of color, at the intersection of modern technology and traditional crafting. It's a digitized art motif built on an original hand render tie-dye/dye extraction that was originally created in the mid-'90s by the same artist Bonnie Sandy. That motif is then generated into various scale surface patterns and digitally printed onto each custom-ordered garment.

  • Najwa in Magenta, a purple- violet that radiates nobility, confidence, luxury, ambition, oneness to your soul's purpose, the universe, and your source for the divine. pull your head and step into your power!
  • Najwa in Indigo, its own unique color that quietly shouts "I am knowledge" - knowledge is power! Wear it when you want to connect to your intuition, intellect, inner vision, higher consciousness, and thirst for knowledge!
  • Najwa in Sky, lift your voice to the sky- hence this light airy blue! Communication being true to yourself in your words and writings - have power - self-expression and clear communication, express your truth while participating in public speaking events, meetings, daily life!
  • Najwa in Vert, The earth is love and "the fullness there off". Health, and Healing, green symbolizes affection and care in its purest form. nature, fertility, freshness, healing, regeneration, love peace compassion, expansion, empathy, service to others, kindness. Green is the heart of this earth! So open yourself up to giving and receiving love,
  • Najwa in Poui, Shades of cheery vibrant yellow. Tap into the sun within you to feel strong, confident, motivated, and powerful! send yourself and others a subliminal message "I am Power!"
  • Najwa in Sunset, Sensual blend of earthy reds and cheerful yellows reflective of the setting sun. Take in a sunset to clear your emotions to heighten your creativity and ability to express your true self. Be that force of attraction, exude joy vitality, sexuality, courage, confidence friendliness, success
  • Najwa in Crimson, Be calm, safe, grounded, and secure as you declare, "I am here now," in vibrant yet muted shades. Red is the idea of being grounded and fully present, Red is about manifesting your desires, confidence even safety! Red bold stand her ground while pulling in her power, heritage, and money!
  • Najwa in Ebony, there is nothing basic about this black- dramatic or formal, classy or edgy dress to express who you are in the moment.
  • Najwa in Toute Bagaille, take on the world in this bold stripe that offers a bit of each color of your Zen,

Yes, color is that powerful!


  • Signature digitally custom printed fabric
  • Made from cotton/spandex. 90/10.
  • Choose your color size
  • Available XS up to 5X
  • Machine wash cold

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