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Great Shopping Needs Great Info

In order to create great products we need solid info. In order to buy great products you need to know the right info… Our Angels, are crucial to helping  our creative businesses secure that info!

Sizing & Fit

The more accurate the submissions the better  we can gauge orders! This is our general sizing survey designers each have their unique brand choices for ease and fit, but at the least we can  align sizes! Submit (via survey to the left) and Share this page with friends!

Silhouette & Style

the shape of your garment can change the visual shape of your bodySilhouette the shape of the garment, can alter your actual body shape!  It helps to first know your body shape ! It also helps to understand teh message you need to convey. Business like less on teh “8” and more of an “H”, Need to win that contract I’d opt for the ‘X”. 

Palette & Print

learn to select palette and prints Our artisan businesses aim for unique palettes and prints to ensure a more distinct offering  for you!    Our newsletter will inform you of updates   
But workshops are available to Angels only! 


and they are vital in helping us develop really great products! 

Be an Angel – Please Fill out our male and female sizing and measurement survey above.  This will help our designers, crafters and makers select better measurements for their sizing charts and ultimately create better fitted garments. Angels get special price points, are entered into giveaways and have access to special workshops and events! Not  just tee shirts!

Our Fall Holiday 2020 collections will be revealed to our Angels for Pre-orders by The end of September 2020- Dresses tops, Skirts Pants… you can literally tell us what you want! We appreciate that feed back and support and we’re working to build perks which we’ll be testing in this quarter! Giveaways |Games | Online Popups | Quizes Angels will actually help shape that experience!  actually h