Metaverse - what is it: when is it how do prepare,

The metaverse refers to the universe of virtual worlds that are all interconnected! to understand why the sudden focus and the importance and how to best leverage, it is necessary to fully understand  where we are at!

Understanding The History of The "Digital World"  

Technology- software & Hardware Machinery… Digital, Cloud based or Virtual  


  1. 1.0 Static web 
  2. Web 2.0

    Web 2.0 refers to websites that emphasize user-generated content, rich user experience,, ease of use, participatory culture and interoperability for end users, dynamic content, metadata, web standards and scalability.  User contributions started emerging circa 1999, but the term web 2.0 was popularized by O'Reilys and a series of conferences. Web 2.0.  describes the changing trends in the use of World Wide Web technology and Web design that aim to enhance creativity, secure information sharing, increase collaboration There were 2 stages 
    2003-2009 Dynamic web
    Improvements to API technology (Rest 2000's) and Semantic Web, along with Databases Libraries, Frame works and Operating system 
    2009-2018/19 Connected web ?Web squared
    2010 - IOT- The Internet of things (IoT) describes physical objects (or groups of such objects) that are embedded with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks (First seen circa1999)
    2009- 2016 Conversation Prism (last version is 5.0)  It comes down to experience architecture. People need to design new ways of doing or seeing things so the outcomes become wonderful experiences that people didn’t know were possible. See list of categories...
     Sematic web-  The Semantic Web is a mesh of data that are associated in such a way that they can easily be processed by machines instead of human operators. It can be conceived as an extended version of the existing World Wide Web, and it represents an effective means of data representation in the form of a globally linked database. Its more in tune with web squared or teh connected web 
    Emergence of Social TV. LIFESTREAMING & Video Streaming 
    2005 YouTube \ Mogulus 2007 | 2011 Social Tv
    Data Mining -big data and artificial general intelligence  and predictive analysis-  has set the stage for  Deep learning, 
    Cloud computing

Web 3.0

The Contextual web will happen when browsers and websites evolve to recognize what users are trying to do. It is the web with less choice and more meaning, where instead of Googling all the time, we Google once and then the rest of the information is available to us automatically, based on our current context.  Web 3.0 mainly focuses on connecting data in a decentralised way, rather than having it stored in centralised repositories, with computers able to interpret information as intelligently as humans. As such, users and machines will be able to connect more seamlessly with data, meaning that artificial intelligence (AI) will play a crucial role in making this version of the internet more intelligent and powerful in terms of its ability to process information. Ultimately, this will enable machines to more granularly interpret the meaning behind the data—or its semantics—to deliver significantly smarter user experiences.

Deep learning,

Speed  /Power- 5G & Quantum computing 

Block chain- Blockchain is a type of shared database that differs from a typical database in the way it stores information; blockchains store data in blocks that are then linked together via cryptography.  Different types of information can be stored on a blockchain but the most common use so far has been as a ledger for transactions. Decentralized blockchains are immutable, which means that the data entered is irreversible. For Bitcoin, this means that transactions are permanently recorded and viewable to anyone. blockchain can, in theory, be used to immutably record any number of data points - transactions, votes in an election, product inventories, state identifications, deeds to homes,  

Crypto Currencies

Smart Contracts   

Programmable tokes- 

ICO- initial coin offerings 

NFT's non-fungible tokens

Blockchain Definition: What You Need to Know 

A Guide to The Contextual Web

Redefining what we consider the “computer” The development of Programmable Fibers/Haptics, Soft circuits and sewn circuits. - Open the possibility and may even change the very methods through which we interact with our technology.. 


Hands free computing brain-computer interface (BCI),  or (DBBC)  direct brain-to-brain communication  


  1. Metaverse
    1.   the metaverse, the universe of virtual worlds that are all interconnected, like in novels such as 2003 linden labs 2nd life - 4600m gdp and pays $60mill to 
    2. The metaverse is a hypothesized iteration of the internet, supporting persistent online 3-D virtual environments through conventional personal computing, as well as virtual and augmented reality headsets. Virtual Avatars - (photorealistic digital humans) will be our embodiment  and represent us.   
    3. Metaverses, in some limited form, are already present on platforms like VRChat or video games like Second Life.

      1. VR- virtual reality,
      2. AR- augmented reality and
      3. Live Video 
      4. 3D virtual connected spaces
      5. Holograms
      6. Haptics
      7. NFTs
      8. Smart Contracts
      9. Telepresence
      10. Projection 
      11. Haptic How  we translate touch! 


    1. Whether it is in 2ndlife or Fortnite digital fashion for avatars have been a huge money maker.. In 2009 a colleague from fashion camp A tech unconference revealed that she had earned $600000 selling digital garments at that time tax free in 2ndlife. In 2012 I attended a funeral in 2ndlife  for the avatar of a player who had died in real life.. there were succession issues in terms of digital portfolio!  From the NFL to Air Jordan to Ariana Grande: the biggest Fortnite crossover events so far
    2. Proponents of the metaverse envision its users working, playing and staying connected with friends through everything from concerts and conferences to virtual trips around to the world.
    3. Need to independently create their own virtual space


  • MY VERY FIRST INTRO WAS AN EPISODE OF STAR TREK WHEN CAPTAIN Spock and one of the crew a=was kidnapped and forced to fight in a hidden planet. The fight was beamed to various clubs throughout the galaxy and in the audience at the fight venue!
  • Imagine being able to shop 
    1. the shelves of a grocery store while lying on a couch at home. work remotely 
    2. share digital space, share art work on projects together ... 
    3. share digital object in your physical world
    4. So HOME
    5. thinking 3d 
    6. via a combination of various experiential technology, including


  1. For this idea to succeed it need to 
    1. Who is the user
    2. Is it useful 
    3. Is it useful
  2. Question & Concerns
    1. who is going to run this
    2. is it going to be open..
    3. Easy of navigation
    4. navigating across metaverses
    5. standardization



Metaverse as fully licensed money transmitter s
Tilia Pay could power virtual economies at other companies as they try to get users to come inside and spend money in their version of the metaverse, and then enable people to take their digital earnings and cash them out. It’s a basic function of the metaverse.. Tilia is the only fully licensed money transmitter focused on the virtual currency, gaming, and NFT opportunities. The Tilia Pay service acts as a combination of PayPal and Coinbase for virtual worlds and gaming platforms by providing the “financial rails” for publishers. Using the Tilia wallet, virtual worlds, games, publishers, and NFT exchanges can legally allow creators and others to transfer virtual currencies into fiat. 



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